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The contact center is an often overlooked area of your business that requires scrupulous attention to compliance.

For enterprise contact centers, keeping up with the many different industry, country, regional and state regulations can be a huge burden, but vital to your company’s overarching security strategy. Because contact centers collect, process and store vast amounts of PII – from credit card numbers and social security numbers (SSNs), to addresses and birthdates – they are prime targets for fraudsters and hackers, and in turn, regulators and governing bodies.

We've compiled an exhaustive list of the top data security laws, regulations and standards affecting call and contact centers—twenty-two in all. With so many different, and sometimes competing, areas of compliance, the regulatory landscape can quickly become a minefield, and the situation becomes more complicated if your organization records calls and the sensitive customer information that occurs on them.

Use this insightful guide to learn all about each of these top data security regulations and how your call or contact center can simplify compliance efforts and avoid the need to store sensitive customer information.

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