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There is an epidemic in the healthcare industry, and it involves neither illness nor injury.

From hospitals to insurance networks, pharmacy chains to collections agencies, organizations operating in the healthcare industry handle, process and store vast amounts of sensitive personal data. This Protected Health Information (PHI) includes medical histories, lab results and vital signs, as well as addresses, social security numbers, birth dates, billing and payment card data, and other personally identifiable information (PII). It is no wonder the healthcare industry
has become a favorite target for hackers, fraudsters and cybercriminals. In fact, healthcare data breaches are reported
at a rate of more than one per day in the United States, and are the most costly of any industry, at $408 per record.

There’s no cure-all treatment for healthcare data security (just yet, at least). However, there is one area of the business that makes a great starting point: the call and contact center.

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